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Hibi Journal Features

A map view to see all your entries through space.

All kind of entries to capture your memories the way it suits you the best.


Easily rediscover your entries from the previous years.

Rich text editor with markdown to make it more than words.

A picture is worth a thousand words?

A nice moment to save in audio? Record it and keep it forever!

Save your location beautifuly.

Sometimes it’s better to draw it. You can use the Apple Pencil or your finger.

Time, date, location automatically added to every entry. Add tags, a caption and mark it as favorite.

Reminders will help you stay in the habit of journaling.


Select a date, go back in time.

Remember your day - see all the places you went and the photos you took.

All your entries magically organized.

All the Journals you need to organize it your way.


Keep track of your journal and revisit the past right from your home screen.

Secured with passcode or Face/Touch ID.


Multiple export options.

Keep your journals privately synced across your devices via iCloud.